Explore Jersey City

Jersey City is not only a hidden gem to catch the best views of the Manhattan skyline, but also one of the most up-and-coming cities in the New York metropolitan area. Located directly across Manhattan and across the Hudson River, the second most populated city in New Jersey stretches along 21 miles of beautiful waterfront property alongside Manhattan.

The History

The urban development of Jersey City began as a result of serving as a central hub for the national railroad system. With transportation across the entire country and Ellis Island within its boarders, Jersey City quickly became a destination for immigrants and travelers to settle and reside.

Today, a wave of new residents are discovering Jersey City making it the fastest growing and most diverse community in the metropolitan area. Living up to its legacy as a Tapestry of Nations, the city continues to represent a nationalities from all over the world. 


Jersey City is divided into the following neighborhoods: Newport, Bergen-Lafayette, Downtown, Greenville, Hackensack Riverfront, Journal Square, Hamilton Park, Liberty Park, Lincoln Park, McGinley Square, The Heights, and West Side. Newport is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live due to the fast seven-minute commute to Manhattan and impressive skyline views. New developments of residential towers, condominiums, and transportation options are quickly expanding the neighborhood and making it the fastest growing up-and-coming neighborhood in the city. Downtown is a close runner up of the most desirable areas in Jersey City due to the proximity to Van Vorst Park and Hamilton Park. Beautiful brownstones, lively restaurants, stores, and cultural and historical attractions dominate the neighborhood and make it a prime destination for young families.

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The rich and diverse history of Jersey City set a foundation for important cultural landmarks, art, museums, and theaters. Ellis Island and Liberty State Park are amongst the most important landmarks and keep the history of the nations busiest immigrant inspection station alive. Beautiful walkways and parks highlight prime waterfront location of Jersey City and provide the city with green space, nature, and landscape, while a huge boom of trendy and bustling restaurants and bars fill the waterfront and downtown neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for a cozy brownstone apartment along a park, a luxury apartment overlooking the Manhattan skyline, or a spacious loft, Jersey City offers impressive residential value and sense of community that allure New Yorkers and residents of surrounding towns to make it home.